How safe is South Africa?

Like in most countries in Africa there is certain areas that you should avoid.  Schoongezicht is based in a very safe area of South Africa and the Border to Botswana, the most stable country in Africa, is defiantly no concern.  I was born and raised in the Thabazimbi Busveld and are staying permanently on the farm with my family, in the 18 years of operating Schoongezicht not me or any of my clients on our property been part of high violence crime.

Is there Malaria where we are going?

There are no Malaria in our area and Malaria medication is defiantly not necessary.  Please check with your doctor but no special vaccination shots are needed.

Can I bring my Family along?

Schoongezicht pride ourselves in family hunting. Please visit our family hunting section on this website.

Can I bring my own Rifle?

Yes, we will assist you with all the necessary paperwork to bring your own rifle with you.  If you do not have your own rifle, Schoongezicht will gladly rent to you one. You are allowed to bring two rifles per hunter.

What caliber should I bring and how may rifles?

Depending on what you want to hunt I would recommend at least a 30 caliber for most plains game with a 180 grain premium soft bullet.  My personal favourite is a 375 H&H which also is the minimum caliber for Buffalo hunt.  What makes Schoongezicht unique is the different field types and environments, but we prefer the slower calibers that is sighted in up to 250 yards.  We learned from experience that the best caliber is the one you are most comfortable with.

What is the weather like and what clothes should I bring?

In hunting season temperatures may vary from 5 °C 41 °F up to 38 °C 100 °F. For walk and stalk purposes, clothes should be preferably be hunting or camouflaged clothing if possible. Clothes are washed during your stay and we recommend two to three pairs of hunting clothes. All our Lodges has swimming pools so consider bringing swimming clothes late in the season

Can I pay with a credit card?

We do accept credit cards but due to fees we prefer bank transfers.  There will be a 2.5% fee for the use of this facility.

Will I be hunting any animals in a camp?

Definitely not. Although our property is fenced on the outside, like all properties in South Africa and Namibia, all the animals that will be hunted are free roaming. One  Schoongezicht biggest attributes is the size of our property.  We also have protected areas where no hunting is allowed.

What other activities and non-hunting excursions do you offer?

South Africa is called the world in one country. We will gladly assist with booking your excursion outside the contracted period, from visiting one of our renowned national parks to doing the Garden Route down in Cape Province.

What happens in a case of emergency?

As Outfitter we are responsible for the safety of our clients.  We are privilege position of an excellent Hospital facilities and Medical care an hour drive or 15-minute flight with our own aeroplane that is always on standby.   www.mediclinic.co.za